An RDS handle represents the perfect combination of ergonomics,
design and functionality, aspects that make it possible to offer the market products with excellent performance. The quality of materials worked with craftsmanship combines with the most advanced industrial technology to create modern and functional handles and furniture accessories.
RDS-branded products are a guarantee of quality and durability, as they result from careful study of materials, shapes, and production processes. They are, also, the result of careful research into the cultural and social evolution of taste and style, as well as meticulous analysis of the most demanding market demands.

Many years of experience combined with a great passion for their work enables the team that makes up Giara to offer its customers consulting services aimed at improving furniture solutions. The ability to customize each and every accessory is an equally important aspect, whether it is the cabinet handle that coordinates with the kitchen knob, whether you want the door knocker to match the mailbox, or whether you are looking for an original candelabra or a one-of-a-kind item.

Our services include the making of custom handles, custom handles, as well as custom knobs, doorknobs, and grab bars.

The relationship with designers
Giara caters to individuals and professionals in the field of design by offering window and furniture accessories of absolute value and exceptional technical peculiarities. It is precisely these latter aspects that are communicated in a comprehensive and professional manner so that they are useful in the drafting of specifications or design sheets.

That is why the Giara team is always available to its stakeholders to provide information, documentation, specification sheets, and anything else the architect or interior designer needs to make an informed choice of the product best suited to the specific design requirements.

The installation of fixture accessories
Giara offers ongoing assistance to its buyers, advising on product selection and installation. For products that require assembly and adjustment, simply follow the instructions provided by the technical staff for the process to be very quick and easy.
For any clarification or information, Giara’s staff is always available through scheduled meetings, telephone assistance or through e-mail.

Packaging and cleaning
The products in the Kleis collection, after careful manual inspection by trained personnel, are individually packaged in Jute bags. The decision to use this natural textile fiber, which is 100 percent biodegradable and recyclable, fully reflects the values of eco-sustainability and love for nature that the Frascio Family, owners of the company, have always wanted to instill in their business.

If you have any questions, Giara staff is available to provide more information.